Green sustainable energy infrastructure today.

Putting the environment foremost in our priority while powering the future is now possible.

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Zeroing in to achieve zero waste in our manufacturing while achieving 100% carbon neutrality in our business model from day one.

  • 65%

  • 82%

  • 92%


Innovative Cells

All things being equal, we are always pursuing to address the itch of making the normative a little better.

Web 3.0 Ready

Call us forward thinking. We talk the web language of tomorrow and interoperate with every open EV manufacturers.

Highly Scalable

Own a piece of the EV revolution or an entire national charge infrastructure. The ball is on your court.

24/7 Support

Seamless and responsive. That is the way you would do it if you are in our shoes too.


Owning your own EV energy business is easy. We bring you up to speed faster than any competition.

Open Architecture

An international business with an open-source charging architecture to boot. All are welcome!

Complete turnkey solutions as a service.

Original Design Manufacturing

Want your own brand and way of doing business? Sure. Now we are talking.

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Infrastructure Service

Lease or purchase our infrastructure and own a piece of the EV revolution.

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In the world of complex international safety and useability standards to meet, we can help.

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Universal charging means an open community of opportunities for everyone.

Unlike proprietary and closed-loop infrastructure provider for electric vehicle charging, we deploy an open technology architecture from the batteries right up to the entire ecosystem of power delivery to every mode of transportation.

  • Open Architecture
  • Powered by Renewables
  • Internationally Certified
  • Extensive Compatibility
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We talk all forms of EV after day after day.

QV deploys a network of sustainable energy technologies to power her charging infrastructure. We power the EV world yet without destroying the intricate environment we live in.

As a partner, you have instant access to our various business platforms 24/7, providing an intelligent dashboard to monitor and manage your EV charging business any time, any where.

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Move and shake with us in keeping up with what's stirring in the EV industry.